Mortaza Faqirzada

Mortaza Faqirzada is an Afghan painter and graphic designer who was born in Mashhad, Iran, in 1991, He returned to Afghanistan in 2001 after Talibans’ downfall and lives in Kabul since then. He started painting with a strong interest, inspired by Afghanistan’s most experienced artists.

Due to his keen talent and interest in art, Mortaza quickly progressed. He is now a student in BFA (Bachelor Fine Arts) at the University of Kabul. He masters different techniques of painting such as watercolor, poster color, charcoal, and pencil. His style encompasses realism, abstract & contemporary.

Besides painting, Mortaza is creating Miniature, following the Behzad method, as well as Persian calligraphy in Naskh and Nastaliq styles.

He is currently senior graphic designer in an international advertising agency in Kabul. He would really prefer to work as a painter but, unfortunately, in Afghanistan, due to the actual situation, no one really pays attention to paintings and art in general, and art buyers are very scarce.