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In Afghanistan, Being an Artist Is a Dangerous Job

Despite the perils, Afghan artists have consistently portrayed their country and its many facets.

Kabuliwood – Appeal From The Director

Louis Meunier from indiegogo July 03, 2013 Kabuliwood is a feature film about a group of young Afghan artists, struggling to open a cultural centre in Kabul. To do…

Graffiti art brightens war-torn Afghan capital

A group of women in burqas rises from the sea to symbolize cleanliness, while further down a bus with no wheels symbolizes Kabul’s public transport.

The Modern History of Art in Afghanistan

By Rachel Schausfor suite101.comAugust 21, 2009 Part of Afghanistan’s culture preservation is to inform the world of the modern history of fine art in Afghanistan. With the destruction of…

Afghan Women Painters On Show

It’s a tree so withered and broken that only a single scarred branch is still struggling heavenwards. Yet all life has not gone: a tiny leaf, green against the cerulean blue of the sky, stubbornly clings to a twig.

Oil painting ‘originated in East’

By Vincent DowdBBC NewsApril 22, 2008 Painting with oils was taking place in what is now Afghanistan centuries before such techniques were known to Europeans, researchers say. French-based…

Afghanistan National Gallery and the survived Art pieces of Afghanistan

Afghanistan arts. Dr. Asefi is a famous Afghan Painter artist who has produced many wonderful art pieces.

Afghan painter tries to heal his homeland

The world he paints is an escape into vivid colors and dramatic strokes.

Saving Afghanistan’s Art

By Lauren Comiteau/AmsterdamFor TIMEJanuary 08, 2008 The Taliban’s dynamiting of the giant Buddhas of Bamiyan in March 2001 was only the most dramatic expression of their mission to obliterate…

Earliest Oil Paintings Found in Famed Afghan Caves

By Carolyn Barry for National Geographic News February 6, 2008 Buddhist murals from Afghanistan’s famed Bamian caves are the world’s earliest known oil paintings, according to a new chemical…

Painting contest held to tribute the great Afghan Painter

AT News Bureau KABUL: A painting competition was held to pay homage and tribute to the great Afghan painter Professor Ghulam Mohammad Maimanagi here in Kabul on Tuesday….