Artist Bio: Masoud Omid Faqirzada

artist masoud omid faqirzada

Masoud Omid (Faqirzada) is an Afghan painter who was born in Mashhad, Iran, on November 8, 1989. He moved to Tehran, Iran, when he was 2 year old and returned to Afghanistan in 2001, after Taliban’s downfall. He lives in Kabul since then, and started painting, calligraphy and miniature as he is passionate about it.

Masoud Omid has learnt under the guidance of famous teachers in Kabul; painting with Mohammad Sharif Bahram and Mohammad Aref Faqirzada, calligraphy with Asadullah Akbary, and miniature with Ramin.

He masters different techniques such as oil painting, pencil drawing, and water color.

He knows different style of calligraphy: Naskh, Nastaliq, Sols, Koofik, Jam Newisy. He creates miniatures following the Behzad method.

Masoud is currently working as Head of Creative and Production Department of Mediacom Afghanistan / Grey Worldwide. He would like to become a full time artist and dedicate all of his time to his art, but unfortunately in Afghanistan, due to the actual situation, no one pays much attention to the talents. So until he can live out of his art, he still needs to have a regular work in order to make a living and cater for his future.

Masoud can be contacted by email on [email protected] or on his mobile +93 (0) 796 240 321. You can also add him on Facebook by clicking here.

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  1. nice to see you mr faqirzada in this nice site. it is really good that you also a drawer.

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