hamid hemat, kabul, afghanistan

Hamid Hemat was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, in 1987. He is interested in fine arts and anything involving creativity since the age of 10. He started making very basic pencil drawings with the encouragements of his father and mother at that time. Their support motivated him to later become an artist, which he eventually did by lots of practice and learning by himself.

Hamid started with Dari (Persian) calligraphy, and then Miniatures (which is a style of Afghani painting). He then enrolled in high school (Kabul Art School) while studying graphic design in the same time. After high school, he started his higher education at the Kabul Fine Art Faculty from which he graduated in 2009.

He is now working in one of the TV channels in Kabul as Senior Creative Graphic Designer, and is also Graphic Instructor in one of the Academies in Kabul.

Passionate with Drawing, Painting, Graphics, Animation, Typography, and Creativity, Hamid takes an active part in Creative Communities and Art Groups in Afghanistan. For more information about his graphic skills please visit: http://www.behance.net/hamidhemat.