Artist Bio: Faiqa Sultani

Artist Faiqa Sultani

Faiqa Sultani was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, in 1992.

She fled to Iran with her family (except her father who had to stay in Afghanistan) to escape from the war, and stayed there for 14 years. They eventually came back in 2005.

Faiqa is learning art in an art institute in Kabul and also attend to the CCAA (Center of Contemporary Arts of Afghanistan). Her passion for visual arts really started when she was 12.

Her dad had no interest for the subject, but she was really passionate about drawing, so she started to learn in secret. One day, she decided to try her skills in drawing a portrait, so she furtively took a framed picture of her father. Unfortunately, he noticed that his photo was missing and asked about it. With a frightened heart, she passed it on the sly to her mother, asking her not to reveal her passion.

She likes being free and fancies painting images that come straight from her imagination.

Apart from arts, Faiqa enjoys reading different books and traveling. She is hoping to win at the lottery and to become a famous artist one day!

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  1. Sajeeda Sultani

    good dear faiqa, hope to be a lucky and famouse drawer in close future.

  2. Yalda Bahar

    Dear Faiqa jan, I want to say that you are doing a great job, that you follow your dream (art). keep it like this and never give up of what you like and want to reach in your life! Inshallah you ll become a famous artist.

    Ba mehr,

    Yalda Bahar

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