Artist AbulQasem Foushanji

AbulQasem Foushanji was born in 1987 in Afghanistan. His style is mostly Abstract and Abstract Expressionism. He is skilled in painting, photography and installation.

Along with his family, he spent 18 years in Iran. For about four years, during his childhood, he learned Realism painting from his unique Armenian master, and never went through any academy for arts after that. He graduated from high school in Tehran in 2004, and then came back to his motherland, Afghanistan. Two years later, he went to India to study Commerce until 2008.

Metal music has played an important part in his life. Inspired by new life experience in India, Qasem started painting in the field of Modern Art. His paintings and drawings became more thematic along “weakness and failure of the human body”.

Back from India, he kept on working on painting with an increased passion, which got his selected as one of top 10 artists for the 2nd Afghan Contemporary Art Prize. Since then, his works has been on several exhibitions in Kabul. Qasem often reflects the unclean and dark aspects of life. He believes “most of the people ignore such aspects, because it is not beautiful, but showing it more can be a way to create solutions”.

The artists that inspire him are Clyfford Still, Jackson Pollock, Salvador Dali, Marilyn Manson, and Led Zeppelin.