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River Bank and Pearl Seeds

“The text is written(half of my body is from water and mud, half other is from heart full of love, half of them are from river bank, and…

God’s Love

“The text says(Oh dear God, how much love you given us)this text is written on top of the contemporary SIAH MASHQ.”

Real Humans

“The text is written(I am tired of all those humans that are look like human but they are doing what beast and evils are doing, among all this…

Siah Mashq 5

Siah Mashq 4


(O’ listen to the grievances of the reed,of what divisive separations breed)And the big text is written Mullana, which means Rumi.

Siah Mashq 3

Siah Mashq 2

“This is also SIAH MASHQ but I make it contemporary calligraphy, applies different colors. There is nothing written only I play with Dari alphabet.”

Beloved Name

“I do whatever my beloved say; in front of me, say no word apart from my beloved name.”

Siah Mashq

“This is SIAH MASHQ, I change it to contemporary calligraphy. No meaning on the text, only I play with the Dari alphabet.”

Street life in Kabul

Dramatic Sky